The last shuttle is taking off. Hurry, you might make it.

Made in my spare moments of the weekend using the Bisty engine. Check it out!

Made for the Weekly Game Jam. Theme: Overgrown

Featuring music by Kevin Macleod:

"Almost in F" - Kevin Macleod -

AuthorLvl 14 Bard
Made withBitsy


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came here just to hear the music. I don't know if it's weird...

Haha, no it's a good one. Here's a link to a good vid. 

Thanks! This guy's awesome! 

Too short! :) I wonder if can ever catch that shuttle...

Great (and depressing) interactive experience.

Thank you! Your words are very kind!

how did you put the music? sorry if this is a dumb question.  also, great atmosphere!

Thanks! I just used a simple html audio tag I slapped on the end of the code. So, in my game, it looks like:

<audio src="kml.mp3" autoplay><\audio>

At basically the bottom, after all of Adam's killer work.

it would be awesome if someone would do a list of commands you can put in your source code, not the HTML one. I would like to do one, but I do not understand all of the code.

This is fantastic! Where is the music hosted to get it to work in the game? I'm super basic with html!

Hey thanks! That means a lot! It's waaay down at the bottom of the code. All you need is:

<audio autoplay="">
    <source src="kml.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">

somewhere in your work. The .mp3 is the file you want. You can't change songs on queue or anything fancy.

Awesome! Thanks dude. Clever stuff.

I guess you just upload the mp3 with the html, right?


nice job! I liked how you used player movement to animate the rocket taking off :)


Thank you! There's so many cool things you can do with simple exits.

I keep missing it! :(
So depressing...

And congrats! Love the atmosphere.

Also this is actually The Weekly Game Jam, you had much more than one hour to participate :)

Feel free to join our community on discord, we're having fun there:

Haha, yeah I realized halfway through that I had really misread. But I figured I was almost done, so I owned it